Windy City Poems of Lust & Desire

I created Windy City Poems of Lust & Desire from raw truth. The poems and pictures take you through an explicit journey of lust and desire. In this book I introduce the reader to uninhibited parts of themselves on the very first page, where unknown direction is accepted as order. By the time you close the book ending your ride with the final picture on the back cover, you will have taken a well deserved journey of your erotic lifetime. Keep this book under your pillow, on your bookshelf, in the closet or on the living room table as a display of your sexy side. Feel the passion!

This is a book of poems and journal entries that follow me back to my hometown in Haiti after being away for over 10 years and also post earthquake. I went home in search of beauty but what I found instead was a deteriorating town and a people in search of some way out. I was blessed enough to leave the town I was born in to come to America to make a way for myself. Se Bet Ou Ye takes you on an emotional journey from a daughter of the Diaspora. Some of us end up blending into American culture forgetting our own. My voice is the voice of immigrants from all over this world trying to maintain a balance of being from two very different worlds.

Coming Soon...

- Sacred Harlot 

-Se Bet Ou Ye II

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