In Love With Words

* PERFORMANCE POET: I write and perform my own words.  My objective as a performer is to entertain and educate my audiences verbally, visually and spiritually.

- Verbally: Through my years of theater training I have finessed the art of tone and clear enunciation.  I am able to use my voice to invoke emotion within my audiences. This is done by voice control, delivery, volume, and word choice.

- Visually: Through my years of modeling and theater work I have mastered the art of visual stimulation. I am able to use movement in a way that keeps my audiences visually focused. My dark skin is the root to all the poems I write. It is what people see first when they meet me.

- Spiritually: Through my life experiences thus far I have gained valuable knowledge with regard to human nature and relationships. Being a Haitian raised in America I have a particular perspective that many can relate to and is a source of curiosity for others, I use these experiences in my art to stimulate the human psyche.


* PUBLISHED AUTHOR: I have two published books and am currently working on the next two.  My objective in publishing is to have my words reach parts of this world that I may not be able to reach through my performances.
- Windy City: Poems of Lust & Desire (published)
- Se Bet Ou Ye (You are a beast): My journey back home to Haiti (published)

- Sacred Harlot (Coming Soon) 
- Se Bet Ou Ye II (Coming Soon)

* RECORDING ARTIST: I am also recording my words both with and without music.  I am working on recording my own album as well as featured appearances and collaborations with other artist both musically and poetically.

- Creating audio books for my published work

- Recording my words for producers on their tracks

- Being a featured artist on other albums

Windy City Poems
Marie Michalle- Published writer
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